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  • Raija Itzchaki

Meet Raija Itzchaki, GreenLifeIOP's Co-Owner and Director of Operations

Raija Itzchaki, GreenLifeIOP's Co-Owner, serves as Director of Operations and Community Outreach. As Director of Operations, Raija is responsible for GreenLife’s business operations and procedures, marketing, regulatory compliance, licenses and accreditations, strategic planning, risk management, continuous performance improvement plans, as well as human resources management. Raija also represents and promotes GreenLifeIOP at various community events throughout South Florida.

Raija has nearly 30 years of prior experience in various settings within healthcare management and operations as a C-level executive. She has a strong leadership background with strategic insight, clarity in operational and financial needs, and sharp planning abilities. She has held various C-Level positions, as well as Board Member and Advisory positions for US and Global organizations.

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