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Our intimate and caring groups provide a warm embrace and a safe place for recovery to happen. Our goal is to help you have the best possible care and the best possible chance of living a positive, productive life free of drug addiction, alcoholism, and other substance abuse issues.

A Word from our Founder

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Our Founder

GreenLife was founded by Dr. Randall Green, PhD, LMFT, MDiv, CAP in 2012. When Dr. Green founded GreenLife in 2012, he had been in recovery himself for over 40 years, and had been helping others in the field of addiction treatment for over 30 years as a clinical psychologist. With 3 graduate degrees, including a PhD in Theology (his early calling), as well as a Master’s degree as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Addictions Professional, Dr. G was a true believer in spirituality as a tool in recovery. Dr. Green was a consultant and a lecturer at a number of addiction treatment centers in South Florida. He also authored a book, “Stepping Into Joy: Your Guide to the Life You’ve Always Wanted”, an autobiographical account of his journey of recovery through the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps.


Unfortunately, Dr. G passed away in November of 2020. GreenLife continues to honor his legacy by utilizing his founding principals in our program. 

Order Dr. Green’s Book: “Stepping Into Joy: Your Guide to the Life You’ve Always Wanted"

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What People Are Saying

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Greenlife is the place to be. There are two things that separate the organization from others in my opinion. First, and most importantly, the staff is incredible and provide a safe environment for their clients. Second, the clients I met are all incredible, quickly become friends and stay connected. If you are looking for a program to assist with recovery, call Greenlife

Palm Leaf


To begin with, this program has changed my life, and my view on everything in it, for the better. From the therapists to the groups, to individual therapy, I appreciate everything Zvi, Ms. Agnes, Ms. Cat and Mr. Bob have done for me. This program works as long as you work with it. The staff are incredibly patient and understanding. When I first got to the program I lived in fear and saw no way out of my addiction but after a few sessions I began to realize I wasn't alone. This program is incredibly informative and life changing. Thank you Zvi for an amazing experience!

Mountain Lake


I owe a second chance at life  to GreenLife! The program and group has truly taught me skills to cope with addiction. GreenLife is not only a group to share stories but more of a group which teaches awareness of the stages of addiction and how to manage or cope with each stage. If you really want to overcome addiction but are struggling to then

GreenLife is definitely the program for you!

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Thank you for putting together a program centered on genuine care and connectivity, and for loving us when we can’t love ourselves. Your compassion for each of us is evident and I am beyond grateful for the new life you have helped me achieve and the tools you continue to give us to be successful. I appreciate all of you and love how supportive we are of one another. Meeting you in person was a solidification of me finding the right program in GreenLife! Thank you, GreenLife!

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