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Meet Bob Scardino

Robert “Bob” Scardino, MBA, MSW, LCSW, CAP - Clinical Director

Bob has a Master's degree both as a social worker, as well as in business administration. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as well as a Certified Addiction Specialist. Bob is also a Qualified Supervisor for Bachelor’s and Master’s Level Social Work students and registered interns. He is a seasoned presenter in the field of addiction treatment and substance abuse.

In the field of substance abuse for over 20 years, Bob has extensive experience as Clinical Director and Therapist at various substance abuse and mental health programs. He has worked with clients who suffer from anxiety and depression, but his passion is in Substance Use, helping people re-think their relationship with drugs or alcohol.

In his role as Clinical Director at GreenLifeIOP, Bob leads our Clinical Team of Substance Abuse Counselors and Primary Therapists. He also holds both group and individual therapy sessions with our Clients.

"Consider how your life could be changed if you come to GreenlifeIOP".

Discover a better life with GreenLife!

Watch a video of Bob Scardino:

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Robert Scardino
Robert Scardino
12. Mai 2023

The quote is actually from Viktor Frankl. His book Man's Search for Meaning helped to change my life. My personal quote is more along the lines of No Guilt Trips.

Gefällt mir
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